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April 28, 2011 § 1 Comment


Greeting and salutations after that week-long longer-than-a-week hiatus I left you guys for. Two week-ish ago I posed about chai and then totally forgot that I was a blogger because my house turned into a tornado of clothes being sucked into six black holes carry-on bags as we packed for our trip to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii!


After some initial grumbling about the heat (I’ve lived in Buffalo for practically ever, guys) I’m glad to report that I had a stupendous time snorkeling, climbing across volcanic rocks, and learning about Polynesian cultures. Food-wise, I was also in heaven as I got to eat actually ripened pineapple, papaya, macadamia nuts, a enough tuna that I should really be in a mercury-induced coma or something!

a whole macadamia nutinner shell
a fresh nut

The thing I love about traveling with my family is that we’re never afraid of getting lost. In fact, we seem to welcome it and sometimes take wrong turns on purpose (to the great annoyance of our GPS). Why are we so insane? do we do that you ask? Well, we seem to have a penchant for finding local gems whenever we veer off plotted routes and this time was no different. After taking a detour around a traffic incident, we happened upon two locals selling iced coconuts and apple bananas. And the next day, on our way to the volcanoes, we passed a macadamia nut farm and our car screeched to a stop and Dad graciously reversed his way towards the entrance where we learned some cool stuff about one of Mom’s favourite nuts and even cracked a few fresh ones of our own while chickens ran around our feet trying to peck at discarded scraps.

demonstrating a cracksmushed, pretty much

Someone’s going to slap me for this, but I’m not really a beach person. I like the idea of them and all, but I hate sand. I hate those little grains that worm their way into everything! I do, however, enjoy sitting on a nice, sand-proof bamboo mat and reading a book as well as watching some of the, I think, silly things that happen on beaches.


Something that I didn’t get to see, however, were the famed green sand beaches of Hawaii. We found a black sand beach very easily, and though we failed on our expedition to find the green beaches, we were rewarded with finding the southernmost point of the United States, surrounded by a gorgeous ledge of cliffs with amazingly colored banding and strong waves washing up at every moment.


The last day of Hawaii, we spent in Kona and it was probably my favourite day due to the fact that we happened upon a local farmer’s market. To a food nut like me, this is an absolute dream come true because all of those exotic tropical fruits and vegetables that I’ve mostly only dreamed about were overflowing from baskets under these little tents. My most exciting find was fresh cocoa pods, which we cracked opened and, like locals, savored the sour-coated bitter seeds.

cocoa pod

Other fun fruits such as rambutans, longan, soursop, and something called a wiapple. I was told, in a very ‘duh’ sort of way, that it tastes just like regular apples.

soursop & honeyrambutan & longan
calamansi limeswiapple

So I’m hoping you’ll accept this bonanza of fruit photos as compensation for my lack of posting while I was turning three shades darker in the Hawaiian sun. Oh, maybe this crazy hair blowing in the wind will help too.


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  • Hi, Joyce, that is such a nice re-cap for our fantastic, advanture and memoriable trip to Hawai. Oh, my god, I love those fresh macadamia nut, and I can use couple now if I have them:) Love, mom

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