May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

macaron pile on!

I’ve mentioned my previous macafails and I’ve been ashamed to post them until now, because I’ve apparently gotten the hang of making these annoyingly demanding little buggers. I will probably never claim to be a macamaster, like Ms. Humble here is, but I will say that I’ve gotten to know my oven, measuring abilities, and baking pans well enough to create and recreate macarons in my own home!

macaron army uneven sized

There’s a whole lot of hubbub around macarons, as they seem to be the blogging world’s little darlings at the moment and it’s almost like the test of a baker is being able to make these macarons. I’ll admit to being competitive, but I rarely make food to prove myself. I just really like to eat, and my entire family loves the taste of almonds, whether like this or in that.

piped out to dry

My summer in San Francisco, I had my first macarons from this adorable place in Redwood City. They were delicious, despite turning my mouth a vivid green after devouring a pistachio macaron, and after reading tutorial after holy grail after definitive guide, I was ready to tackle these myself.

yum macarons

This post about macarons finally gave me the courage to attempt these delicious cookies because, haha, it’s a recipe that doesn’t use weights, even though I know everyone else likes to be very precise about their measurements when it comes to these. We’ve already established that I don’t like buying new equipment, so when I saw this recipe, my eyes bugged out of my head and I got very, very (maybe too) excited. I would recommending clicking on over to Cake Journal to read the tutorial yourself, because it’s really very helpful and straightforward.



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