refrigerator pickles

January 23, 2012 § 5 Comments

spears, slices, and garlic
I’ve always loved pickles. I could never tell you why, really. My favorite thing about sandwiches is the nice, fresh deli pickle spear that you get on the side sometimes, and without fail it’s what I snatch from my family’s trays rather than their fries, which are the usual victims of kidnapping. But it’s not just fresh pickles that I love. Those weird-ish looking yellow-green pickles that might have lost some of their crispness after living for so long in a jar? Yep, I love them too. And sometimes (this is gross) but I’ll even drink pickle juice. So yeah, I love pickles.

slices now

Now pickling, on the other hand, scares me. I don’t have any experience canning or jarring or jamming. So the idea of homemade pickles seemed very far out of reach for me until I realized that you can make pickles overnight in the fridge, free of hot glass jars. So this girl picked up some kirby pickles, garlic, and vinegar and went to town on the darn things, and man are they delicious!

ready to pickle

from The Edible Perspective

6 kirby cucumbers (or any other small cucumbers)
1 tbsp peppercorns
1 tbsp kosher salt
4 garlic, minced
3/4 cup vinegar

Combine the peppercorns, salt, and minced garlic in your jar. Slice up your cucumbers into spears or slices or both. (I did both.) Place them into your jar as tightly as possible, fitting in as much cucumber as you can. Pour the vinegar over the cucumbers and fill the jar the rest of the way with water. Give everything a hearty shake to dissolve the salt and then place in the fridge overnight. The next day you will have salty, tangy, garlic deliciousness!


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