What I Read:


I’m sure this page isn’t going to be a life-changer, but just in case some of you are curious as to what my ‘discriminating taste’ leads me to read. And even if nobody cares, it gives me a chance to link to the blogs and bloggers that I like and share their writing, photography, and food.

Book du jour:
This is unrelated to blogging, but the actual printed novel I’m reading at the moment is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. This is probably my fifth time through it, and despite how many times I’ve read it, I still love it.

Food Blogs (that I follow religiously):

a little zaftig
Laura’s blog has quickly become one of my favourites. She’s so so very sweet, her writing emanates with love for her family, and her photography is just downright gorgeous. And as an added bonus, she updates very frequently, much to the pleasure of all her readers.

smitten kitchen
Probably one of the bigger names in food blogging, Deb and her blog very rightly deserve the hubbub. Her writing’s sarcastic and entertaining while her recipes are quite fool proof and concise.

seven spoons
Charming Canadienne Tara far beyond deserves the praises that Gourmet and Saveur have given her. Aside from gorgeous photos and delicious recipes, she writes with a distinctive voice that is so easy to read.

sprouted kitchen
Sara and her love, Hugh, team up behind this gorgeous and entertaining blog about natural food and all around happiness.


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